USA Faq's

1.What kind of visa do I need?
A You will need an I – 20 Form from the college applied to in order to procure an F – 1 Student Visa to study in the US.

2.What is the duration of courses in the US?
A An undergraduate degree is generally for four years and a master is for 2 years.

3.What is the cost of tuition?
A An undergraduate degree may cost between US$ 20,000 – US$ 23,000 annually and a master’s may range from US$ 24,000 – US$ 26,000 annually.

4.Is IELTS or TOEFL required for admission?
A Generally TOEFL is the desired English language requirement in the US but there are certain universities which also accept IELTS.

5.Is SAT/GMAT/GRE a compulsory requirement?
A All universities offer courses to students with a SAT score for undergraduate degrees and GMAT/GRE score for post-graduate degrees. But certain universities offering pathway programs leading to the main degree and normal degrees may not require these scores.

6.What are the main areas of study in the US?
A Engineering & sciences; business management & administration; IT & computing are the main areas of study.