Singapore Faq's

1.What do I need to study in Singapore?
A You will need to procure a student pass from the Singaporean Government for further studies after receiving the unconditional offer letter from the university/college.

2.What funds are required to be shown?
A balance of S$ 30,000 (in case of Degree programs) & S$ 15,000 (in case of Diploma programs) needs to be shown in the savings account of self, parents or siblings.

3. Is IELTS a requirement for admission?
A IELTS is not a compulsory requirement for admission in a Singapore college /university.

4.What is the cost of tuition in Singapore?
A The tuition fees may range from S$ 11,000 – S$ 15,000 annually.

5.What are the part time options available in Singapore?
A student will have to apply for a work pass once in Singapore and will be able to work 16 hours per week.

6.What are the main areas of study in Singapore?
A Hospitality and tourism management; business management & administration; banking & finance; engineering are the main areas of management.