Generation Of Offer of Admission & Confirmation

Once a student has undergone a detailed session (with/without his parents), the next logical step involves applying to various education providers to help generate an offer of admission. A good application with all the essential details and documentation creates a positive impact on the education provider thus increasing the prospect of securing admission. However, the students are often unaware about the application procedure and the documentation to be submitted due to various overseas communication barriers & usually end up being unsuccessful.

We help overcome these issues  with our dedicated team which gives professional advice on drafting a model SOP (Statement of Purpose), LOR(Letter of Recommendation) will assist the students edit their ‘essays / statement of purpose’ and provide  valuable insights on the right constituents that make documents unique and personal. Our team keeps regular contact with the Universities / Colleges regarding the status and progress of students’ applications thereby relieving our students with  follow-up activities.