Career Counselling

Foster Education Consultants helps students in many ways to help shape their career. The gamut of services offered is wide and includes:

Going abroad is quite an exciting journey however it is fraught with much confusion, dilemma & perplexity. More often than not, a prospective student faces any or all of the given confusion/dilemma which affect their overseas study decision:

•  Academic background/credentials
•  Comparative opportunities in India as against other Countries
•  Financial ability and work background
•  Future academic plans & preference in terms of course and education provider
•  Long-term career plans & settlement options

Students are many time unaware about the existing opportunities overseas. It is significant to understand various offerings of a country and University should the student need to be on the right path of achieving the long-term goal. All relevant factors including the above mentioned are considered and discussed upon to arrive at a decision challenging the viability of studying abroad as compared to considering the same in India. Many popular destinations attract students but they come with their own share of peculiarities & inhibitions. We at F.E.C. believe in people’s individuality & uniqueness that is how we humans are nurtured, thus our first step entails helping prospective student through a detailed career counselling to arrive at an objective decision.