New Zealand Faq's

1.What is the duration of a master’s degree in New Zealand?
A. master’s degree is generally for 2 years but in some cases can also be for 1 year.

2. What are the major intakes in New Zealand?
A. The main intakes are in February and July, though some colleges/private training establishments can also offer courses in September and November.

3. What are the part time work options available?
A  Student can work up to 20 hours part time during semester and full time during semester breaks.

4. What are the post study options available?
A  Student can gain a 1 year Graduate Job Search permit after completion of study.

5. What is the living cost in NZ?
A  The living cost in New Zealand is NZD 15,000 approximately annually.

6. What is the cost of tuition in NZ?
A The tuition cost may vary from NZD 19,000 – NZD 28,000 annually depending upon the area of study and university.

7. What are the popular areas of study in New Zealand?
A The main areas of study in NZ are hospitality & tourism; IT & computing; engineering; business administration & management.

8. Is the I.E.L.T.S. Test mandatory?
A  The I.E.L.T.S. Test specifically a score of 6.0 bands is a mandatory requirement for lodging the Student Visa as laid down by the Immigration New Zealand Authorities.

9. What is TT Services?
A TT Services is a leading provider of integrated visa processing solutions. They have dedicated centers in providing a variety of services that support the visa application process for NZ in India.

10. What is the variation of conditions to work?
A  student has to apply for a variation of conditions to work at the time of making the Student Visa application. This variation of condition provides the right to the student to work 20 hours part-time during the academic year and full-time during the Christmas & New Year holiday period.