Ireland Faq's

1.What do you need to apply for a student visa?
A The student needs to have a confirmed offer from the University/Institution and the requisite amount of funding to be shown to the Immigration Authority.

2.What are the tuition and living expenses in Australia?
A The tuition fee varies from 9,000 Euros – 14,000 Euros depending on the area of study and place of study. The living expense required to be shown is 7,000 Euros.

3.What are the part-time work options in Ireland?
A student can work 20 hours per week part-time and full time during semester breaks and vacations.

4.What are the post-study work options in Ireland?
A After the completion of the program, a student can stay back in the Eire on a 2-year Work Permit.

5.What are the main areas of study in Ireland?
A The main areas of study in Ireland are business administration & management; IT & computing; hospitality & tourism management; law.

6.Is proof of fee payment required before filing the visa?
A If the fee is less than Euro 6,000, then the full amount is to be paid but if it is greater than Euro 6,000, at least this amount is to be paid. If a course has been approved by the Higher Education & Training Awards Council in Ireland (HETAC), the student need not pay the fee but needs to show the requisite funds available with him for the duration of the course.