Canada Faq's

1.What is the duration of courses in Canada?
A An undergraduate diploma is for 2 years, a bachelor’s is generally for four years and master’s is for 2 years.

2.What are the part time work options in Canada?
A student can work 20 hours per week part time only after 6 months completion of studies and full time during vacations.

3.What is the cost of tuition in Canada?
A The cost of tuition may vary between CAD 11,500 – CAD 15,000.

4.What are the post study options available?
A student can get a 2 – 3 year work permit depending on the duration of the course of study, after completion of the program.

5.What are the main intakes available?
A The universities generally January and September intakes though colleges may also have March and July intakes.

6.What are the popular courses in Canada?
A The popular course areas in Canada are hospitality management, IT, engineering, education and nursing.

7.What is the deadline to apply for an SPP visa?
A The SPP visa should be applied for at least 45 days before the commencement of the programme.

8.Is a medical required for the Student Visa application for Canada?
A Yes, a medical is mandatory for a student visa application which is to be had done from the Panel of doctors as authorized by the Canadian High Commission.