Australia Faq's

1.What are the tuition and living expenses in Australia?
A The tuition expenses range from AUD 12,000 – AUD 24,000 per annum. The living expense which needs to be shown for visa purposes is AUD 18,610 annually.

2.What are the part time options available in Australia?
A student can work up to 40 hours fortnightly during semesters and full time during semester breaks.

3.What are the main intakes available?
A The intakes are in February and July though some may offer a March & November intakes as well.

4.What are the main areas of study in Australia?
A The main areas of study in Australia are business administration & management; biotechnology; IT & computing; hospitality & tourism management; banking & finance; pharmacology; project management.

5.Is the PCC & Medical required for the Student Visa application?
A The PCC is required before the lodging the visa application and the Medical needs to be done after the visa is lodged for which an HAP ID number is allotted to the student by VFS – Australia Visa office.

6.What are the post-study work options?
A Any student after completion of a Bachelors or a Masters degree, is eligible for a 2-year post study work permit where the student can apply for the same even without a job offer in hand.

7.What is VFS?
A The VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd is a commercial company working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Australia to provide Australian visa application services in India and Nepal.